iPod Touch For Museums & Historic Sites

It is not uncommon for museums and historic sites looking to provide mobile devices for their visitors to want to source mobile hardware directly from Apple instead of other hardware providers. The iPod Touch remains an attractive device, is well known from the public and most visitors will likely have used one before. The only issue is how to protect it and mass charge them for museum experience. Here are some basic findings from a project we did for a client recently:

Pod touch (8GB): upon request, Apple provides a 4% volume discount on its $229 retail price. There is no discount for nonprofits
Apple Extended Warranty: covers iPods for 2 years for the cost of $59 per unit
Charging units: made to order by Australian company Grabba (http://www.grabba.com/) $1,950 per 20-unit charging case. The case is only made for 20 at minimum. Not cheap, and not sexy but the only mass charging device I found on the market
iPod individual cases: again, not sexy but rugged, durable, and secure (again made to order by Grabba). Ridiculously expensive at $200 per unit.
Headsets: we recommend purchasing basic wired, over the head Sennheiser headsets through Antenna Audio (http://www.antennaaudio.com/). Unit cost around $18. Bulk purchase from Antenna Audio will ensure more competitive pricing than retail (http://www.sennheiserusa.com/). Earmuffs can be removed manually and washed in fishnet laundry bag as necessary to uphold hygiene standards
Lonestar Badge & Sign, a Texas based company (http://www.lonestarbadge.com/) manufactures custom made lanyards. I’ve used them before and they’re great, friendly, reliable and make quality products. All lanyards are customized & made to order according to any specifications. Spec C832, 1″ sublimated material with logo/text (cut to 11.5″), fastener: Swivel hook with cell phone keeper. Unit price $5.20 + $38 setup fee. Recommend 12″ length, 1′ width wrist lanyards with cellphone keeper fastener imprinted with your logo or sponsor. Cost of lanyards may be paid for by potential sponsor
you would also need to factor in some costs for repairs & maintenance

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